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General Information

The INNECO  is the biggest Youth Entrepreneurship conference in Greece,which is organized for the first time in our country and aims to be established as an institutional event that will take place recurrently every year.

Based on the patterns of the equivalent European institutions, it targets to gain a position inside the biggest annual international events by promoting the entrepreneurship and the interaction of people from different fields and uniting Greece with different countries, building a business culture and targeting to create a new international business hub!

The concept of the INNECO , as named by the initials “International NE Cοnference”, is envisaged in order to attract public from all the economic sectors with international prominent speakers distinguished in their field, founders of innovative enterprises, executives of big and renowned companies as well as distinct business personalities that someone can rarely find and meet , let alone in the same conference, with speeches that can inspire every person who is doing business or is thinking of becoming a new entrepreneur.

The INNECO is organized with great heed in order to be affordable to everyone and simultaneously to have a comparable quality to the equivalent international conferences. However, the INNECO doesn’t constitute a plain conference but a multi-conference. For the first time, an admirable coexistence of a conventional Conference, an Exhibition, a Business Plan Contest and a Scientific Conference is on the threshold of a great attempt!

The conventional Conference will be consisted of specialized speeches from great personalities of their field as well as of very interesting seminars and workshops from recognized coaches and trainers.

The Innovation and Technology Exhibition will display innovative products, patents and research models from all over the world in order to appeal funds and prospective funders with free entrance for the public.

The Business Plan Contest encourages young people with particular business ideas to present them. All the money gathered from the participations will constitute the first prize for the best business plan after a meritocratic evaluation.

The Scientific Conference encourages post-graduate students and PhD candidates from Greek and foreign universities to present their scientific thesis and research results either in abstract or article form in order to publish them in the INNECO’s brochures as well as in recognized scientific magazines after a meritocratic evaluation.

Who should attend?
  • Young Entrepreneurs and freelancers who have recently started their own business or other activity and take their first steps in the business arena
  • Offsprings of entrepreneurs who want to boost further their family businesses in the contemporary environment of our era
  • Business executives with further ambitions
  • Existing entrepreneurs whose experience and knowledge can contribute to guide with accuracy young people in secure business routes and combine their experience with the capabilities and enthusiasm of the younger ones in order to implement new and innovative ideas into a malleable business environment which is constantly evolving
  • New potential entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to build a healthy and sustainable environment before they start their activity
  • Industry executives
  • Funders (angels, funds etc)
  •  Bank executives
  • Traders
  • Executives of consulting companies
  • Academics, scientists, researchers, students
  • Law firms
  • Members of chambers and associations
  •  Graduate students with similar fields of study
  • People who want to broaden their field of knowledge and develop their professional and social contacts
  • Every individual who enjoys social interaction
Benefits of attending

The conference will constitute the most prodigious meeting of the entrepreneurial world, with consequent benefits such as: the development of expertise and innovation, the targeted information, the capital attraction, the strengthening of the participants’ networking but above all the promotion and building of the European entrepreneurial culture in Greece.

Europe will be the main protagonist in the INNECO conference in December, in the midst of potential developments of the international business world, that will benefit the entrepreneurial extroversion and the encouragement of the innovation and technology, the research promotion and entrepreneurship on a par with the big European events and will set the basis for a better entrepreneurial future in our life.

Are you gonna miss such a unique event?

More particularly, the participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Be informed about the opportunities and developments in the business sector throughout Europe and worldwide
  • Discuss with experts market issues as well as innovation, entrepreneurship, policy-making concerns , especially by taking into consideration the new economic facts in time of crisis inside a Europe that is constantly changing
  • To suggest ideas and thoughts about all the necessary changes and how to implement them
  • To have networking opportunities and approach new potential partners
  • To attract funds for their businesses
  • To take all the necessary steps which will contribute to the implementation of their business plans
  •  To exploit the efficient business networking which is ensured by the massive presence of all the interested stakeholders

From their side, the sponsors will have the opportunity to:

  • Be advantageously placed in an international business meeting of high prestige
  • Propose ideas and proposals that affect positively the configuration of changes
  • Broaden the network of potential partners
  • Become advertised in a big event based on European standards


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