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Important Information

  • Thematic Unions of the Contest
  • Evaluation process business Plan
  • How to make your Business Plan (video)
  • Terms and Conditions
Thematic Unions of the Contest
  • Business & Economy
  • Management Marketing
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Policy Design & Decision Making
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Social Change and Social Behavior
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Process – System Engineering
  • Strategy
  • Big Data
  • Data Mining & Data Analytics
  • Health & Safety
  • Tourism
  • Agri-Business
Evaluation process business Plan

First evaluation stage

The evaluation of the proposals which will be submitted successfully and on time, will be accomplished in two stages. In the first stage of the evaluation process, each proposal will be automatically assigned by the online registration platform based only on the subject area of the proposal.

In this stage, the evaluator will have access to the detailed information of the group / company members (resumes, role in the team, etc.), the logo, the title, the subject area, the level of maturity and the summary of the proposal (executive summary).

Afterwards, the evaluator will examine in great detail the summary of the proposal, and then the proposal will be rated in a scale of 0-100. The evaluation concerns only the summary of the submitted business proposal.

In the second stage, a 30% of the total submitted proposals will be shortlisted, based on their ranking. The maximum number of the proposals that will be advanced to the second evaluation phase will be the 40 most prevalent. In case of a tie, the second evaluation stage will include all the additional groups that have the same marks.

Second Evaluation stage

In the second stage of the evaluation process, the shortlisted proposals from the first evaluation stage, will be reassessed by the same evaluator as well as from another one who will evaluate the proposal for the first time.

In the specific evaluation stage, the proposals will be evaluated in the total of their completed fields by both evaluators.

The final score of the proposal will be determined by the average of the final scores of the two evaluators. Also, the proposals will receive a short comment from each evaluator for their entire proposal.

Evaluation criteria

Each completed field of the business idea will receive a separate score on a scale of 0-100, taking different grading gravity as it is illustrated below:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the target market (15%)
  • Adequacy-clarity of the business concept and strategy (20%)
  • The originality of the idea / product -service both in relation to the national and mostly to the international benchmarks (20%)
  • The degree of innovation and competitive advantage (15%)
  • The commercialization prospects of the idea (15%)
  •  The feasibility of the business idea’s implementation and its potential for further development (15%)

An accompanying video-presentation of the business idea will be rated positively by an additional 2%.

Winning team

The Winning Team will emerge from the second evaluation stage.

The first team will win a prize money (the money will be collected from the overall amount of the participations) and will have every opportunity of networking with each other and with potential investors or partners!

How to make your Business Plan (video)
An easy and very useful video-guide to “build” your own Business Plan. “It’s not about how much you try, it’s about how you do it!”
Terms and Conditions

The Business Plan Competition henceforth the “Competition” of the Youth Entrepreneurship Club (hereinafter the “Organizer”) has focused upon new original and innovative ideas/suggestions, which are related to the “Thematic Units” as defined below. The main target of the Competition is the creation of an integrated business acceleration program in Greece, the elevation and promotion of the entrepreneurship, the innovation and extroversion of the young human capital in our country, the promotion of research and innovative production as well as the extroversion as a basic philosophy for the upgrade of the competiveness of our country and the projection of its creative and productive potentials, the encouragement of new businesses in the sectors of high value added and innovation.

See the Terms and Conditions of Business Plan Competition