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17 & 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2016
Business development professional | International business consultant | Entrepreneurship consultant

Asadzamaneh Kaveh

International business consultant with diverse background in consulting services to business incubators, as well as executive and operative management experiences in different industries

Kaveh is a business development professional in REDDAL and an international management consultant with a vast experience in different businesses. Besides, as a consultant to several business incubators and technology parks, his tasks included managing process redesign, idea valuation, and strategic planning. Also, he managed the turn-around project of this EPC oil and gas spin-off company in Iraq, as an Executive VP in Saff-Rosemond, which resulted in company becoming considerably profitable in less than a year. Furthermore, as an in-house consultant in JPPC, his tasks included business modeling, process redesign, developing marketing and corporate strategy, and branding of this newly stablished company, resulted in JPPC becoming the market and price leader in the industry. He also was in charge of process redesign, change management, sourcing strategy development, and international negotiations in this company. Besides, as a consulting project manager, he managed several national and international projects in the fields of business modeling, business and technology foresight, market and marketing research, systems design, benchmarking, as well as feasibility study and business planning. He was also consultant to Tehran city council and Tehran municipality in the field of entrepreneurship. He has also spoken in several entrepreneurship and business conferences all around the world.

His functional experiences include:

  • Corporate and business unit strategy
  • Business building and new market entry
  • Business diagnosis and due diligence, performance evaluation
  • Turnaround management, new market entry
  • Business modeling, marketing management and market strategy
  • Global sourcing and international negotiations

 His industry experiences include:

  • Tech start-ups and entrepreneurship development
  • University spin-offs
  • Oil, gas, and petrochemicals
  • Telecommunications and media
  • Transportation, logistics
  • Industrial equipment and manufacturing
  • Public sector

Kaveh’s Topic


#Strategy # Turnaround #Entrepreneurship #Startup

What are the things that you should do in order to increase the value of your startup company?.



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