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Building Business Culture

17 & 18 December 2016
Vice President at Solita, Innovation and New Business Leader

Lassi Kurkijärvi

Lassi believes great leadership can change the world.His goal is to create conditions where people can do awesome things: build new business, improve the lives of others and solve problems for a finer world. Applying lean startup methods to corporate & startup teams, organizing intrapreneur teams, setting up internal corporate & startup accelerators/incubators, and promoting an all-round entrepreneurial attitude are his key strengths.

Previously he has managed innovation programs, development teams, numerous projects and led task forces aimed at creating brilliant services. Agile methods, smart strategies and inspirational leadership are his keys to success. A specialist in project management, all things digital & service innovation, Lassi also understands the dynamics of online communities, professional and user-created content, and has strong experience in motivating teams to work towards a common goal.

Additionally Lassi loves giving inspirational keynote presentations.

Lassi’s Topic

Rules Worth Breaking: New Digital Business Favours the Brave

#Digital business, #digitalization, #innovation, #culture, #governance, #startups, #intrapreneurship, #dentrepreneurship
What makes startups and companies succeed or fail? What behaviours make a difference between winning and losing? Getting to the top in digital business is all about breaking the old rules, but being smart about your battles. An experienced startup founder and corporate executive, Lassi Kurkijärvi shares his insights into the X factor of doing digital business right.



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