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17 & 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2016
Company Exclusive Owner – Managing Director | RMD – Automation Services

Dorner Ralph M.

Vision, Action, Result !

Born and living in Austria, Ralph M. Dormer has spent much of a highly diverse career exploring the meaning of success. Whether as idea-driven entrepreneur, skilled electrical engineer, technical manager or director and chief executive for RMD, a firm specializing in automation services, Ralph brings innovative approaches and value driven leadership to every new venture.

With a wealth of skill sets encompassing process improvement, customer service, sales and marketing, business and product development and management among others, Ralph has repeatedly demonstrated that there are few limits to his creativity and professional determination. As he has discovered through a professional life of ongoing accomplishment that before you begin a new venture you must have a reflective appreciation of both risks and success values. In speaking on leadership, his approach is fully supportive ‘leading in a way, that those who follow believe they solved the problem on their own’, with just a bit a help from Ralph. One truism Ralph advocates for anyone facing a career choice is to be absolutely sure you like what you do.

As he proudly describes his educational training, it was not to be found in university corridors but in award winning certification as a telecommunication engineer. Beyond his professional life, he is happily married and has four children spanning ages 30 to 6. He is passionate about the environment and leaving a healthy planet to future generations and numbers the peace of scuba diving, playing a vigorous game of squash or exploring the world with his family, among his hobbies. The lesson he would impart above all is to always remember to keep a healthy career-family balance, a lesson Ralph now follows every day

Ralph’s Topic

Entrepreneurship, go for it!

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And…don´t wait for better times, they never come!



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