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17 & 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2016
President & CEO at Global Business Brokers

Brandão Miguel Reynolds

Embrace sustainability. A new model founded on transparency, merit and purpose as well as a simple index – a new algorithm – that will enable any citizen in the world to understand and compare the real value and impact of any organisation. Awareness that will lead to a shift in global dynamics, from a perilous route – conflict-oriented – onto a prosperous trajectory that is truly sustainable and unequivocally focused on human needs.

Entrepreneur since 1987 – founder of several companies and NGOs. Experienced business strategist, negotiator, business broker and business mentor. Since 1994, strategic management advisor for several institutions in Portugal, Brazil and USA. Author of books and articles in strategic management systems, entrepreneurship, business brokering and teleworking. The last book, published in May 2015, is «The Sustainable Organisation – a paradigm for a fairer society». ( International speaker in several areas such as: strategic management; e-work, entrepreneurship; venture capital; business brokerage; business citizenship; sustainable integration of disable people. International Business Broker, focusing in SME Start-ups mentor and business Angel. Inventor, author of two patents. Specialties: Negotiation; Strategy; Multi-criteria analyses; Business Modeling; Business Brokering; Franchise concept and development; Marketing; Financing; Planning; Telework; Software; IT.

Miguel’s Topic

Sustainability as a better predictor than ROI

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Sustainability has been a hot topic over the last three decades, although always at a very abstract and scientific level, disconnected from the concerns of the common citizen. Despite the various analyses being made by academics worldwide, most conclusions are still not considered as being part of the genesis of economic development. The Sustainable Organization Index (SORG) is an attempt to bring this sustainability to the heart of all economic analyses and decisions. It makes it easy for anyone to understand how sustainable an organization really is, anywhere, regardless of the organizations location, size and purpose. Furthermore, it allows for an easy analysis and comparison of any organization, according to criteria that are tightly linked to sustainability. The fact is, we still think about sustainability, development, climate change and profit as being entirely independent. Actually, most people see sustainability as a cost, or even something they will have to consider only to look good, for the sake of stakeholders. This perception needs to change: Sustainability should be at the core of any economic decision, resulting in the assurance that future costs are always included when analyzing current profits. Sustainability should be considered at genesis of any organization – business, non-profit, NGOs, government, any type or size of organization.
The SORG index is a simple and accessible way to measure it.



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